What Arctic Animals Do Your Wish To See?

Do you imagine only ice and ocean whenever the word ‘Arctic’ pops up? If you do, you’re not alone.

Though the winter temperature of Arctic falls below -40°C and none of the species of trees survives the harsh, cold winds, the region is full of remarkable animals and birds.

The best way to witness the interesting wildlife in the Arctic region is to go on wildlife tours in Kaktovik, Alaska. If you’re wondering what animal would you see there, take a look at our list of arctic animals to get some idea.

Polar Bears
A tour to the Arctic is incomplete without spotting a polar bear, otherwise known as The Mighty King Of The Arctic. Though polar bears are the most-powerful carnivores of the North, their life isn’t as easy as believed. They need to travel hundreds of miles or swim vast distances in search of food.

These curious creatures have a traffic sense of smell. They disappear into the distance whenever they sense someone’s presence, but curious ones always swim towards the ships and raise the excitement of visitors.

After polar bears, walrus tops the list of animals that most people want to see. Known as The Giants of The Arctic, these mighty creatures are full of surprises. Their iconic tusks could grow as long as 3 ft and are present on both females and males. Even they can slow their heart rate and seamlessly redirect blood away from organs to stay underwater for long periods.

Though walrus walk or move awkwardly on land, you must not get fooled by their speed as they are a good chaser. Being skilled swimmers, they can reach a speed of 35 km/hr within minutes underwater. Another interesting thing about walrus is they are very social and use a variety of noises like klicks, whistles, and growls to communicate.

Musk Ox
Musk Ox are the survivors of the ice age. They have inhabited the Arctic land for more than thousands of years now. The thick layer of shaggy hair allows them to perfectly adapt to the harsh weather conditions and survive the chilly winds. Their wooly overcoats provide thermal insulation and are considered to the warmest in the entire world. Musk Ox prefers to live in herds and use their sharp hooves for hunting plants by digging into the slow.

Along with the mentioned names, you can spot reindeer, arctic fox, narwhal, beluga whale, and more. So, what are you waiting for now? Book Kaktovik wildlife tours on our website at once.