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Bruce Inglangasak, a native Inupiat Eskimo, lives in the small settlement of Kaktovik on the North Slope of Alaska. He offers unique, custom tours of his homeland with opportunities for you to learn about his culture, language, and environment.)

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The Inupiat language is taught in Kaktovik school in order to maintain its use in the local community. Bruce Inglangasuk is a native speaker and would be happy to impart his knowledge of the language to visitors, from explaining place names to teaching greetings.

Price of the TourSummer Tours July 2021 - October 2021

1. Survival Skills, 2. Bear Watching, 3. Camping Ice Fishing, 4. Storytelling, 5. Inupiat Games Ornithology, 6. Language Lesson, 7. Cultural Experiences...

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Your GuideBruce Lnglangasak

Bruce lives in Kaktovik with his daughter and is active in monitoring bear activity for workers on the North Slope. He has experience of guiding both wildlife photographers and wildlife filmmakers. Bruce is a native Inupiat Eskimo, who has lived in Kaktovik for several years, Bruce is very proud of his culture and looks forward to imparting his knowledge and skills to you, should you choose to visit him in Kaktovik. Read more,


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